Sunday School

Posted on Nov 12 , 2010 in Our Ministries

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are held every Sunday Morning for the edification of children young and old.  From newborn to two years of age, the children enjoy the activities of the BBC nursery.  Our caring set of mothers and grandmothers watch, sing, read, and play with your children while you are in the adult class.

After they have reached two years of age, they join a special class geared for the all important transition from playing to participating in crafts, listening to Bible stories and sharing with one another.  The teachers in this class provide structure with fun, and seek to help the children learn about God in portions that they can handle.

When they have moved up to four years old, they move up to another class, this one geared toward the child that has better motor skills, a longer attention span, and who is progressing in their understanding of what is going on around them.  At this fun age the teachers pay attention to helping them be constructive, to learning more about God, and being partners with the parents in developing a passion for God with their students.

Some children come to a saving knowledge of the Lord at this age, or first recognize the fact that they are a sinner and have a need for a Savior.  That is one of the reasons that this is an important group for ministry!

As the child grows, so does his hunger for knowing more about the Bible.  They need to understand how the Bible was written, how to study it, and where to find things in the Bible.

The truth of God’s Word is becoming more real to them as they attempt to start applying their faith in real life situations.  These children come from all types of school backgrounds, and the understanding that they are different from the world causes them to want to reach their classmates, their friends and their peers with the Gospel of Christ.

It is in this class that these children are equipped to love the lost and seek their salvation.  It is here that they are learning to read the Scripture aloud, commit it to memory and to pray for their friends and family.

Bible Baptist Church has a Sunday School class for you!  Won’t you come join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 am?

We serve a snack between services, and would love for you to come fellowship with us!

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