Looking back and looking forward…2014 and beyond

Posted on Dec 29 , 2014 in Blog

The end of 2014 and a reflection on it:
2014 for Jana and I can be summed up with James 4:14b  "You are just
a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away…".  But rather than dwell on what it’s been like (loss, miserable, gut-wrenching, hurt, sorrowful…).  I want to sum up what our 2015 and beyond should look like:  We need to invest in people, for that is what will last for eternity. 

Our own spiritual well-being.  "Love God with every ounce of our being"  and "love your neighbor as yourself".  Perhaps we’re not good at relationship building because we have failed to build the most important relationship, our relationship with God.

Our kids.  No matter how old or young they may be invest time, prayer, energy, in helping them develop as eternal beings with their creator God.

Our spouse, take care to nurture the bride/groom of your youth.  Desire to grow old together.  Desire to grow in the Lord together.

Our parents. Honor them. If you mom is a widow, follow 1 Tim 5 and care for her needs.  Not every husband had the ability to store up for the future.

Church family.  Whether it was our biological or blood-bought family we had no choice in who our "family was".  We do have a choice in how that relationship develops, grows and blossoms for eternity.

Unsaved.  Build purposeful relationships that allow us and fellow believers to cultivate the Gospel in their lives. Though they shouldn’t be your best friend, they should know that you care for them as a person who has an eternal soul that will spend eternity somewhere.  

Therefore though it is wise to plan for our future on earth, in the days God has left for you on this earth Invest in things that matter for eternity…PEOPLE.


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